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I decided to start this blog to hopefully help me start a healthier lifestyle. No, I'm not trying to lose weight. What I want to do however is to lose fat, gain muscle, eat clean, and become stronger. This is going to be a documentation of my journey :)

p.s. Just in case you are all curious, I'm 5'2" and I think I'm around 105 pounds. I'm not really sure because I don't really weigh myself. Again, it's all about health, not the scale :)

Current body fat: 25%
Goal: 15-17%

Grilled Jerk Shrimp and Pineapple Skewers…RECIPE


Grilled Jerk Shrimp and Pineapple Skewers…RECIPE

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Volume 1 : ABS !
Lower abs : 
10 minute intense lower ab workout
Best lower ab workout
Blogilates lower abs
The lower abs workout
Ab blaster : lower abs
Lauren Hefez lower abs workout
7 minute lower abs
POP pilates : Lower belly pooch attack
Core strength exercise for lower abs
5 Minute killer lower abs
Obliques : 
5x5x5 Pulse workout for abs and obliques
Fitness blender abs and obliques
25 mns abs and obliques
Adios love handles bye bye muffin top
HIIT workout for abs and obliques
Quick abs and obliques workout
Express 5 minute Abs workout
100 reps abs and obliques
32 minute abs and obliques
Uh-Oh! Obliques ultimate pilates workout
Ab Blaster : Obliques
Oblique Burnout
Sexy obliques
At home abdominal and obliques
Full abs : 
Intense full ab workout
Total abs workout
Bye bye muffin top
POP pilates intense ab workout
Standing abs
Pilates series abs attack
Stability ball abs workout
POP pilates Slim waist
POP HIIT Flat belly
POP Pilates Muffintop massacre
POP PIlates Abs on fire
POP Pilates Cinch that waist 
POP Pilates Hard Core workout
POP Pilates Hot abs
POP Pilates Flatter my abs
6 minute abs of steel ab workout
Awesome Ab exercises
8 minute abs workout
VS Abs workout
For beginners : 
Total beginner abs workout
Easy abs workout 
8mns Six-pack
10 mns Abs workout
POP Pilates : Ab time !
Fabulous flat abs
Ab Workout
20 mns Beginner abs workout
Standing abs exercises
Abs workout for Core strength
8 mns beginner ab workout
Easy core exercises
Hard abs for beginners
For crazy warriors : 
Coach Meggin abs workout
10 min demolition abs workout
Core exercises advanced abs
Advanced ninja abs workout
Core - Advanced ab workout
16 minute advances abs workout
Insane abs
Tara Stiles Crazy core building


Volume 1 : ABS !

Lower abs : 

Obliques : 

Full abs : 

For beginners

For crazy warriors : 

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